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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page

We are happy to answer all your invoice and payment related questions. On this page you can find our frequently asked questions and answers.
Is your question not listed on this page or do you have feedback for us?
Please contact us at: AP@sunwebgroup.com (we are striving to reply to your question within 5 working days).

What are the invoicing and payment steps?2022-08-30T21:29:43+01:00

Below you can find the high-level invoicing and payment steps:

  1. Partner sends an invoice to Sunweb Group
  2. The invoice is registered, and the partner is informed
  3. The invoice is approved, and the partner is informed
  4. The invoice is paid
  5. The partner receives a payment specification
How can I follow my payment status?2022-08-30T21:30:52+01:00
  1. You will be notified throughout the payment process when the invoice is registered, approved and paid. You will also be informed in case there is a discrepancy.
  2. Your payment status can also be reviewed in the Supplier Portal (see below instructions on how to onboard on the Supplier Portal in case you are not yet onboarded). When you have access to the Supplier Portal you will not be notified via e-mail, as the status of your invoice is updated in the portal.  
Does Sunweb Group have an invoice template?2023-02-03T16:02:09+01:00

Yes, we have an invoice template. To receive the invoice template, please contact the Accounts Payable team at AP@sunwebgroup.com.

Does my invoice meet the invoice requirements?2023-02-03T16:02:19+01:00

In order to get an approved invoice, partners must comply with Sunweb Group’s invoice requirements. Please check the invoice requirements here:

If you are in doubt whether your invoice meets (one of) the invoice requirements, please reach out to AP@sunwebgroup.com.

Do you have the Sunweb Group invoice requirements available in other languages?2023-02-03T15:59:01+01:00

Yes, we have the Sunweb Group invoice requirements available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. You can find the different translations here:

Why has my invoice been rejected?2023-02-03T16:02:49+01:00

In case your invoice has been rejected, it did not comply with one or more of Sunweb Group’s invoice requirements. (Please check the invoice requirements here:

When can I expect my invoice(s) to be paid?2022-08-30T21:39:15+01:00

Sunweb Group performs weekly payments of approved and due invoices, according to the agreed payment terms (our standard payment terms are 37 days). The payment terms start counting from the date that the invoice is registered in our system.

To which e-mail address can I send questions about deductions?2022-08-30T21:39:54+01:00

Please contact the Accounts Payable team at AP@sunwebgroup.com by replying to the deduction e-mail and include your questions or remarks on the deduction.

How do I receive payment specifications?2022-08-30T21:40:35+01:00

If your e-mail address is known to us, payment specifications are automatically sent via e-mail on the execution day of a payment. In case you are connected to the Supplier Portal, you can find payment specifications in your account and will not receive an e-mail.

To which e-mail address can I send my invoice?2023-02-03T16:03:33+01:00

Invoices can be sent to PDFinvoice@sunwebgroup.com (PDF only, other formats cannot be processed by our system). Please make sure to attach your invoice in the PDF-format, and that your invoice meets Sunweb Group’s invoice requirements, which can be found here:

Please note that you can send multiple invoices (in PDF-format) in one email, but a PDF can include only 1 invoice. This means you should create a separate PDF-document for every invoice.  For contact with the Accounts Payable team you can reach out to AP@sunwebgroup.com.

When can I expect an answer (from Accounts Payable) to my questions?2022-08-30T21:44:45+01:00

We are striving to reply to your question within 5 working days. Please include your creditor number when you have a question, so we can help you more easily. You can find your creditor number on your payment specification or in your welcome letter if you are a new partner.

Can I charge cancellation fees?2022-09-08T09:34:15+01:00

If agreed in the contract terms, you can charge cancellation fees.

How can I make use of the Supplier Portal?2023-02-03T16:04:08+01:00

The Sunweb Group Supplier Portal helps partners to gain insights into the payment status of their invoices. You can access the Supplier Portal via the following link: https://supplier.sundiogroup.com/

If you would like to request your login details or forgot your login details, please reach out to the Accounts Payable team via: AP@sunwebgroup.com

Please make sure that you change your password after your first login. To change your password, you can follow the steps outlined in the Supplier Portal Manual (which can be found here:

How can I use E-Invoicing to submit invoices to Sunweb Group?2022-08-30T21:48:34+01:00

Sunweb Group has partnered up with the baVel platform as a paid electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) solution. This means that you can easily share your e-invoices with Sunweb Group, gain insights into the status of your e-invoices and follow-up on your e-invoices whenever needed.

For more information on the baVel platform, please visit bavelnetwork.voxelgroup.net/en/travel/index-travel-suppliers.html and/or contact the AP team at AP@sunwebgroup.com. If you are already onboarded to the baVel platform, you can easily link Sunweb Group by reaching out to your baVel platform contact person.

Why has my invoice not been paid yet?2023-02-03T16:04:28+01:00

In case your invoice has not been paid yet, this can have multiple reasons, which may include:

  1. We have not received your invoice yet;
  2. We have received your invoice, but there is a discrepancy so it needs to be manually checked by the Accounts Payable (AP) team;
  3. The payment terms are not due yet.

Our AP team is continuously reviewing invoice discrepancies to ensure invoices can be paid correctly and as soon as possible. After our review you will be notified via e-mail with the status of your invoice, or you can find the status of your invoice in Sunweb Group’s Supplier Portal.

Why has my pre-payment/guaranteed payment not been paid timely?2022-08-30T21:50:21+01:00

In case a pre-payment/guaranteed payment has not been paid timely, this is typically due to the payment scheme (resulting from the contract) which was not validated in time internally to ensure that our payment run follows the agreed payment schedule. In this case, please notify your contact person so our team can adjust the payment scheme accordingly to ensure that future payment runs will be executed effectively.

How do I receive credit invoice(s)?2022-08-30T21:50:51+01:00

If your e-mail address is known to us, credit invoice(s) are automatically sent to you after the credit invoice(s) have been created. In case you are connected to the Supplier Portal, you can also find credit invoice(s) in your account.

Why have I received a credit invoice with a deduction?2023-02-03T16:00:43+01:00

In this situation, there is a difference between your invoice amount and the price of Sunweb Group. The corresponding credit invoice clarifies the difference between your calculation and Sunweb Group’s calculation.

To which e-mail address can I send questions about deductions?2022-08-30T21:51:59+01:00

Please contact the AP team at AP@sunwebgroup.com by replying to the deduction e-mail and include your questions or remarks on the deduction.

What does my invoice status mean?2023-02-03T16:01:21+01:00

Invoice Status Invoice status description
Received The invoice is received but there is a discrepancy. The invoice can be linked to a creditor number but not all invoice line items can be matched automatically, for example due to:

  • An overbooking, rebooking, or incorrect ‘during of stay’ due to overbooking period),
  • An incorrect booking number
  • Services that are mentioned on the invoice but not in the booking
  • Incorrect information on the invoice (e.g., invoice date or invoice date/arrival date in the future or in correct)
  • A cancelled booking
  • The invoice containing indirect (e.g., tourist taxes) costs and direct costs (when the invoice should solely contain direct costs)
  • Credit note received from the partner (when this is not required)
Partly Matched The calculated costs by the partner do not match the Sunweb Group purchase value, for example due to:

  • Price differences (e.g., different contract interpretation)
  • The discount calculation in case of multiple discounts (the order in which different discounts are used to calculate the purchase value)
  • Missing information for transfer fees (e.g., use of multiple arrival locations, multiple transfers with one price)
  • A partly guaranteed contract (invoice is only accepted for values above the guaranteed value)
  • A gateway contract (e.g., different room type or prices)
  • Gross/net invoices (incl. commission)
Fully matched or Completed The invoice is approved and ready for payment:

  • Fully matched: the invoice is matched today
  • Completed: the invoice was matched before today
Paid The invoice is paid & the paid date is provided
Rejected The invoice has been registered but does not meet (one of the) Sunweb Group invoice requirements (e.g., missing/incomplete booking number, not a unique invoice number, missing invoice date)
Deducted The credit invoice is deducted & date is provided. The original invoice amount has been deducted by a credit invoice due to price differences or settlements/deposits, or complaints. It is not required for a partner to send a credit note.

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