Integrated approach



On a quest for an integrated cross brand approach on our mediaplatforms? Have a look at our package


Why would you communicate your message through only one medium, if you can combine the power of multiple media? With our packages, you engage in a mixture of our brands. This helps you reach your audience at any time of day through all their favorite brands: Sunweb, Eliza was here, Primavera and GOGO.

Our media are perfect for this: they go hand in hand, reinforce each other and are top of mind. That is why a message is so much more powerful when it makes our different brands and platforms work together in harmony.

The packages are available for the NL, BE and DK markets except in January, February, June, July and December.


Building brand awareness over a short period is key with this popular packages. The perfect formula for (re)launching or advertising a destination, hotel or travel product. You can be present around all big mediaformats of all our brands.

Branded Content

Branded content is an effective response to an increasingly saturated market. Today, travelers are constantly overwhelmed with loads of ads and information. In essence, this package seeks to tell a story about your brand to the reader in co-creation with our brands.


Our conversion package is aimed at using media in the lower funnel that increase conversions. We recommend to use this package in combination with the brand awareness package in order to be fully present.