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Looking for some extra international awareness? Than Instagram is our perfect fit. With our 100k followers on our global accounts, we offer timelines posts, stories and reels.


Based on latest Instagram’s research, travel lovers enjoy Instagram because it lets them save and share their travel experiences through their feed and Instagram Stories, gives them something extra to look forward to, provides easy escapism when they’re not travelling, and lets them daydream about new and exciting places they could visit.

  • 44% of travel lovers on Instagram turn to social media when they want to find out more about a destination or they’re ready to book.
  • 75% of tourists choose a travel destination based on a food experience it offers

It speaks for itself that our international Instagram accounts offer a giant possibility to promote your regions, destinaltion, hotel or product. Have a look at our possibilities.

Timeline post

Be creative and entertaining and inspire our fans with with pictures and carousels to be discovered on Sunweb Group Brands.

Instagram Story

Experiment with different storylines and upload original content, such as tutorials and product explanations, to inspire our fan and your potential travelers. 

Instagram reel

Join us in this new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram. Co-create with our agency and produce stunning content.

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Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform