Invoice Status Invoice status description
Received The invoice is received but there is a discrepancy. The invoice can be linked to a creditor number but not all invoice line items can be matched automatically, for example due to:

  • An overbooking, rebooking, or incorrect ‘during of stay’ due to overbooking period),
  • An incorrect booking number
  • Services that are mentioned on the invoice but not in the booking
  • Incorrect information on the invoice (e.g., invoice date or invoice date/arrival date in the future or in correct)
  • A cancelled booking
  • The invoice containing indirect (e.g., tourist taxes) costs and direct costs (when the invoice should solely contain direct costs)
  • Credit note received from the partner (when this is not required)
Partly Matched The calculated costs by the partner do not match the Sunweb Group purchase value, for example due to:

  • Price differences (e.g., different contract interpretation)
  • The discount calculation in case of multiple discounts (the order in which different discounts are used to calculate the purchase value)
  • Missing information for transfer fees (e.g., use of multiple arrival locations, multiple transfers with one price)
  • A partly guaranteed contract (invoice is only accepted for values above the guaranteed value)
  • A gateway contract (e.g., different room type or prices)
  • Gross/net invoices (incl. commission)
Fully matched or Completed The invoice is approved and ready for payment:

  • Fully matched: the invoice is matched today
  • Completed: the invoice was matched before today
Paid The invoice is paid & the paid date is provided
Rejected The invoice has been registered but does not meet (one of the) Sunweb Group invoice requirements (e.g., missing/incomplete booking number, not a unique invoice number, missing invoice date)
Deducted The credit invoice is deducted & date is provided. The original invoice amount has been deducted by a credit invoice due to price differences or settlements/deposits, or complaints. It is not required for a partner to send a credit note.