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Our purpose is to bring personalized holidays within the reach of the many, to offer a pause from everyday life, increase wellbeing and create lifetime memories. Within delivering this purpose, customer insights are crucial. As a tour operator, we control many touchpoints. Our solutions can offer an easy get-through to your target audience.

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Our first segment is families. Families are very active during the early booking period as they want to be sure of their cosy and good quality holiday environment.

Hannah is about 35-44 years old, is busy with her career and organizing her household with school-going children. She has little time spare for doing things with her family. Therefore she is looking forward to a holiday where she and her partner spend quality time together while her kids are having fun with other kids.

Gwen is at the age group of 30-39. As a young mother who is also building on her career, these are busy times. What Gwen is looking for in a holiday is having quality time with her young family. She is looking for the perfect combination for this holiday.

Kevin is jovial worker in the age group of 40-59. He wants to feel welcomed and recognized and likes to be surrounded by staff and people who know what he appreciates. They feel like family to him. He is authentic and stays close to what he likes.

Alex is a demanding workaholic at the age of 45-64. He loves the job. He has a loving family with a wife and children. He is living the good life now he has grown up. That means he has more time to to see friends and family.


Introducing our second segment: couples. An interesting target group, Couples who are active throughout the whole year and have different needs and motivations. But an excellent target group to reach in the shoulder season.

Isabelle (30-39) has a busy lifestyle. She invests a lot of effort into her career. Together with her partner, they like to enjoy life as it is. During her free time, she mainly looks for a reward for her hard work.

Daisy (25-34y) loves the mountains. She has been on skiing holidays since she was a little girl. First with her parents, now with her friends. She wants to have a full week of fun, partying and, of course, skiing.

Feliz (25-34) likes to discover the world, explore new things with her friends and family. Social life is important to her. She used to go backpacking all over the world, but her goals for a holiday have changed since she kicked off her career.

Emma (25-34) is a comfort seeker wanting to relax and escape her daily life. Her ideal holiday is all about treating herself and unwinding. She enjoys either holidays with her partner or with her best friend.

Empty Nester

Empty nesters experience the highest annual disposable income and focus on more of a less is more approach, having a strong desire to reward themselves in memorable travel experiences.

Linda’s goal is to spend quality time with her partner. Her kids don’t live at home anymore. Preferences for her holiday have changed because of this. She now prefers a remote location. A place that allows them to have time for one another. It’s not about luxury, but about spending quality time together.

Martin and his wife are a retired couple who love to go to the south to enjoy the mild climate. Despite the effort it might take to travel for people of their age. They seek their home away from home and enjoy the routine of going to the same place every year.

Our way of working

Our account, brand managers, data specialists and inhouse creative agency are intensively involved in a campaign from start to finish.


Each campaign starts with a briefing from the advertisers. Our media specialist have the expertise to provide real time input to make a clear and transparent briefing.


Depending on the briefing, all the necessary specialists are involved to prepare a on-brief creative proposal.


All our specialists remain closely involved in the execution and optimalisation of the campaign.


All campaigns are evaluated and analyzed by default. We measure reach and, where possible also look at the effect on conversion and sales.

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