Project Description

Iberostar, our January printstar


The Briefing

Iberostar wanted to increase conversion, create impact and leave a mark in the consumers’ brain

The Objective

Get the target group 18+ in BE and NL who is planning a holiday to consider Iberostar by inspiring them and lead them to conversion

The Strategy

Every disadvantage creates a new advantage.

With the pandemy touching every soil of our personal lives, it also affects the way we plan our professional activity. As the local measures are constantly changing, our plans need to be flexible and ready to adapt in a split second. We want to be pro-active instead of being reactive.  So, we chose to be always-on, digital and offline, to claim a spot in the consumers brain. Our plans are built in different layers with different media types.

And those mediatypes create opportunities for Iberostar to build brand awareness and increase conversion. We presented them our view on co-creating an impactful conversion driven campaign that touches all the phases in the customer journey.

Each barrier creates new opportunities. You just have to look at it from a different angle. So we did with Iberostar. We created a bigger partnership with more reach by integrating them in our campaign.

Yf Brodala, Sunweb Media Group

The Solution


In order to create impact, we need reach. Therefor we will advertise in newspapers and magazines with big reach. We created an exclusive 4p insert for Iberostar in The Netherlands and integrated them in running 8-page inserts in Belgium and Denmark. A 4- and 8 page insert offer a great opportunity to tell more about Iberostar and the USP’s.

Together with Spark, the internal Sunweb Group agency, we determined which message or story we wanted to tell. Our designers ensured that the layout reinforces the message and entices the consumer to view and book the accommodation.

The shared story will not only appear in the 4 or 8-page insert but will also be published on our blog and distributed by our social channels. Next to that, we will devote 1 article in a newsletter to the shared story.


After inspiring the consumers, our conversion package comes into action. This package is designed to support the lower funnel stage. It consists of a dedicated newsletter to a selection of people within our database in combination with a display campaign.

Together with UX and Spark, the Iberostar landing page got a make-over serving inspiration and conversion at the same page.

Media Approach

We made use of our own media channels (Facebook, Instagram, newsletter and promopage) and added the impactful print insert (in DK, BE and NL) to distribute the message.

The campaign

Print Insert Belgium