Project Description

Discover the many sides of Greece

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Out of home

The Briefing

GNTO Benelux reached out to Sunweb Group to promote the Greek region in a joint advertising campaign. The objective was to promote all Greek regions in Belgium and The Netherlands with a focus on the popular destinations (Kreta, Zakynthos, Rhodos and Kos)

The Objective

Get the target group 18+ in BE and NL who is planning a holiday to consider Greece by showing them the different sides of Greece

The Strategy

In this campaign, we developed a brand new concept. Never seen before. Never done before. Innovative and unique

The customer as a starting point

Our starting point is the customer. We tap into the emotion of willing and wanting to leave. But the customer at this moment (corona times) is almost everybody. We want to reach as much customers as possible but everybody has a different view on ‘holidays’.

Greece comes first

Instead of putting Greece under the Sunweb or Eliza umbrella, we did the opposite. We put Greece first and supported the campaign with both the Sunweb brand and Eliza was here.

Three stage rocket

The campaign was built up in three stages. Phase 1, the umbrella campaign, was considered as the awareness stage putting a light on Greece as a versatile destination. To highlight the destination, we chose to not put a price tag on the communication. In phase 2, we highlighted the different destinations. The last phase, converting all interested consumers, was focused on destinations accompanied with a from price tag.

This campaign was unique and innovative as it gave the opportunity to break with traditional conventions of a partnership.

Yf Brodala, Sunweb Media Group

The Solution

Discover the many beautiful sides of Greece.

We developed a ‘split campaign’ where the different sides of Greece were shown by the Sunweb and Eliza was here. To discover the authentic side of Greece, Eliza has everything to offer. Want to go for the versatile Greece? Sunweb has all the possibilities.

Media Approach

For this campaign, we used Out Of Home, newspapers, social media, TV and radio.


The campaign

Out of Home