Project Description

Creating Memories, surprising our customers


The Briefing

Our marketing department wanted to load the baseline #creatingmemories and show our consumer that Sunweb is more than just a tour operator.

The Objective

To increase brand awareness and give the baseline a meaning by practising what we preach: creating memories.

The Strategy

The real richness of life is all about moments. Our life is to some extend a sequence of moments. Good moments. And bad moments. But on one thing we can all agree: we all love to seize, embrace and remember as much moments as we can. Because they shape the way we are, who we are and who we hope to be. Someday. Moments make your life richer. And so does traveling.

What matters in everything we do at Sunweb are the warm moments we create, the people we bring together, the ‘magic’ we let our clients experience. All of these have one big thing in common: they are personal and  that’s what Sunweb is all about, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

And that’s why we wanted to tap into that sequence of moments. Because stacking beautiful small moments contributes to creating strong memories.

This video went viral in Flanders. It had not only an impressive result, Kris and Klara also became famous Belgian people overnight.

Yf Brodala, Sunweb Media Group

Creative idea

Together with Kinepolis, a European Cinema Theatre company, we developed a format #creatingmemories, the surprise movie, which revolves around a story that hooks up to an event.

In this case, Valentine’s Day was the common thread. Who deserves a special Valentine? That was the question on our Facebook channel. And that resulted into an incredible journey. Find out how Klara surprised her husband Kris. And the plot? That took a surprising other turn.

The Solution

The media approach

Sunweb Facebook page and Youtube channel were the carriers supported by one PR release.


The Results

The campaign was launched on Valentine’s day. But this is what happened in less than 2 days:

  • More engagement than a regular post (10 times)
  • More than 2.000.000 people reached in Belgium
  • More than 350.000 views
  • Massive national media attention