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Yf Brodala
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In our ‘introducing’ we have a look at the humans behind the brands and companies. Every time we ask 8 questions. Today we introduce Lies Lemmens from Sunweb Group and a driving force behind our campaigns and partnerships.

Tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I am Lies Lemmens, 41-year-old Belgian mom of 3 sons. Since November 2021 I am working at Sunweb as a campaign coordinator in the Spark team. I love organizing, undertaking, traveling, planning, enjoying, good food and drink, coziness, long summer evenings with a nice glass of white wine (or 2 ;-)) the right company and hours of talking about small and big things. I have little patience. So things should preferably move forward.

How did you end up at your role? 

I started my career at MTV Networks, where I was a colleague of Yf Brodala and Luc Van Laer. We have always remained good friends. After some wanderings in the media world (SBS Belgium, advertising agency Amphion and word-of-mouth agency trnd) I started a company in garden landscaping with a friend during the Corona period. That turned out not to be my thing, so when Yf told me about the job of Campaign Coordinator at Sunweb, I didn’t have to think twice…

What do you get the most satisfaction from?

I love starting a project from scratch, working with a whole team, getting everyone on the same page and then realizing a great project. During a campaign I try to relieve the creatives of as many practical matters as possible so they can fully concentrate on the creative process. I love to arrange and organize things.

How do you view advertising?

For me, advertising is a creative way of telling a story about your brand.

What role do partners play for you?

Collaborating with partners is something that has been a recurring element in all my previous jobs. There’s nothing more fun than coming up with a concept and working it out, creating a win-win for both Sunweb and the partner. Where you strengthen each other and together achieve a great result.

Which campaign are you most proud of?

During my job as account manager marketing partnerships at SBS, we developed a cross-media campaign (TV, print and online) for Continental tires. They were a partner of the World Cup. With the broadcaster VIER we made a special episode of the Pappenheimers, one of the showpieces of production house Woestijnvis. The episode revolved entirely around the World Cup. The proceeds went to charity and both the people in the audience and the people at home could win tickets to the World Cup.

Is there any life outside of the job?

My job is very important to me, I get satisfaction from it. But what really makes me happy is people. I like to surround myself with positive people. On vacation with good friends, a beautiful sunset, good food and drink, your skin still tingling from the sun, that’s all it takes ;-)

Music always makes us stand out from the competition: so what is your all time Nr1 Hit?

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