The earthquakes & their aftermath

Mattijs Ten Brink
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Over a week after the devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria, their full impact is still unclear. An area bigger than the Benelux is destroyed, and the current death toll above 30 thousand. Mindboggling numbers – and it doesn’t stop there.

Our first thoughts go to all victims and their relatives, as well as our partners in Turkey. They have sometimes literally felt the impact. We all want to do something, take action of some sort. Some of you have reached out to see what we as Sunweb Group can do, and I also felt the responsibility and urgency to act.

To make sure we do the right thing, we have asked our Turkish partners for advice. Moreover, we incentivise our employees to donate through the usual channels, and we will match their donations on behalf of Sunweb Group. An event like this at one of our biggest destinations affects us all. We expect more concrete initiatives in the coming days and weeks. I am thankful we are coming together as individuals and as an organisation in times like these – lets cherish this every day.

Mattijs ten Brink, CEO Sunweb Group

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform