Sunweb’s ‘We Love Holidays’ Campaign: A Heartfelt Declaration of Passion

Yf Brodala
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In December 2022, the Sunweb brand launched a revolutionary campaign that took a departure from the conventional approach to holiday marketing. Rather than relying on picturesque images of idyllic beaches and crystal-clear pools, Sunweb aimed to touch the hearts of travelers by tapping into the emotional side of vacations. Aptly titled ‘We Love Holidays,’ this campaign embodies Sunweb’s unwavering passion for creating unforgettable travel experiences. Let’s dive deeper into this innovative initiative and explore how it resonated with audiences across our markets.

Rediscovering the Love for Holidays

We recognized the need to break away from the industry’s clichéd imagery and opted for a fresh approach. By revisiting our core DNA – the love for holidays – we found a powerful emotional selling point (ESP) that sets us apart from other tour operators. The campaign revolved around a heartfelt love letter, serving as a declaration of our genuine affection for the holiday experience.

Capturing the Essence of a Holiday

Within this enchanting love letter, we crafted vivid descriptions that celebrated every aspect of a vacation. From the excitement of packing suitcases to the sensation of the sea breeze gently caressing your hair, the campaign beautifully captured the small but significant moments that make holidays so memorable. By focusing on the emotional connections travelers forge with their experiences, the ‘We Love Holidays’ campaign struck a chord with audiences seeking a more authentic connection.

Embracing Destinations with Love

While expressing their love for holidays, we used the campaign as an opportunity to showcase our passion for various destinations. Each destination, such as fe. Greece, Spain, and Turkey, received its own dedicated campaign, allowing us to highlight the unique features and experiences that make these places special. By incorporating flexibility in both imagery and copy, we authentically conveyed what they genuinely love about each country. For example, the deep blue hues of Greece, the strong and aromatic coffee of Turkey, and the vibrant shades of orange in Spain are showcased with pride and enthusiasm.

Honoring Valued Partners

We understand that the future of holidays is shaped by the collaborative efforts of our partners. Recognizing your importance, the ‘We Love Holidays’ campaign also served as a platform to express gratitude and promote the strong bonds with our partners. By emphasizing the significance of these relationships, we convey our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences and expressed our reputation as a trusted and reliable tour operator.

Unprecedented Success

The ‘We Love Holidays’ campaign has proven to be a landmark achievement for Sunweb. Garnering high ratings in Belgium and the Netherlands, it has become our highest-rated campaign ever in terms of differentiation and attribution. Our strategic focus on these key objectives during the campaign’s design phase resulted in an exceptional response from our target audience.

We can say that our ‘We Love Holidays’ campaign has revolutionized the tour operator industry by daring to express our passion for vacations in a way that transcends conventional marketing tactics. By crafting a love letter to holidays, celebrating destinations, and honoring their partners, we have successfully differentiated itself and established an emotional connection with travelers. With its resounding success and the genuine emotions it evokes, this campaign solidifies our position as a leader in the travel industry and sets a new benchmark for future brand campaigns.

So, embark on your next adventure with Sunweb, and let their love for holidays transform your travel experiences into cherished memories.

Yf Brodala, strategist

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform