Sunweb Group guarantees Transavia flights

Mattijs Ten Brink
Reading Time: 3 minutes

This summer, we vouch to get all our travellers to their destinations, despite ongoing capacity issues at Dutch airline Transavia. Thankfully, our customers experienced very few issues in recent months.

We understand the uncertainty this situation causes customers, but we are proud that we have been able to find a suitable alternative for everyone. We have once again shown that we can handle these issues with minimal impact for our customers. This shows our flexibility, offers security to customers who have booked with us and provides sufficient guarantee for the future.

Mattijs ten Brink, CEO at Sunweb Group

Clear agreements with Transavia

Despite our current accomplishments, we remain alert in the coming weeks and months as we come up to the high season. “Overall, the May holiday period went well. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has also shown it has its operations back under control. This gives confidence for the coming months. 

Nevertheless, we’re keeping a close eye on the problems at Transavia. We have made clear agreements with the airline. Any changes will be shared with us well in advance. Our expectation is that we will be able to offer our customers a good alternative if necessary. Our aim is to get customers to their destinations on the same day, or a day earlier or later,” said Mattijs.

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform