Reinoud’s blog: Our most successful year yet

Reinoud Koot
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Sunweb Group reflects on its most successful year in our 31-year history. We have broken several records; we are so proud of this result! Of course, we didn’t do this alone. You, our partners, have made a massive contribution. We see our success reflected in the continuous growth in our NPS score.

The year 2023 looks to be a year in which we’ll have to be flexible; current market conditions are uncertain with the war in Ukraine, high energy prices, and increased inflation. Whether and how this will affect customers’ confidence when booking their holidays is unclear.

Response strategies to price inflation differ across countries, as does inflation itself.

Norwegians and Danes are more “pragmatic savers”, whereas the Dutch are more “leisure activities savers” cutting budgets for fun aspects such as leisure, trips and holidays, and social activities. In Germany, more consumers are reducing their spending on categories where it’s easy to cut like leisure activities, electronics, sports, and gifts. Together, we will have to respond to changing demands and timing of bookings. Let’s continue to discuss how we can do this most effectively.

We measure Partner NPS (P-NPS) on a quarterly basis. The current score is 56.82, a growth of 8.6% versus the July poll. I would like to thank everyone who completed the questionnaire immensely. Your feedback is very important for determining what matters and what we can improve in our cooperation. After every poll, we extract the most important points to start working on them immediately. As you know, our partners are very important to Sunweb.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,


Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform