Reinoud’s blog: Looking ahead

Reinoud Koot
Reading Time: 2 minutes

The sun is setting on the summer season at our destinations, a summer season with ups and downs. From the war in Ukraine, which affects us all, to strikes at airports across Europe, price hikes, and delays due to staff shortages at some key airports, our business was affected by many factors. 

Despite this, Sunweb Group realised excellent results. I am proud of what we’ve achieved together with you, our partners, and I sincerely thank you all!

Looking ahead to 2023, I think we are all wondering what the effect of the current inflation will have on customer behaviour and holiday bookings. While many consumers in our target markets view their holidays as a basic need, they might make different choices in how they choose to spend their holidays.

This will be a interesting topic to discuss further as I meet you in person at one of our wonderful destinations!


Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform