Partner Connectivity Platform

Leonie Teunissen
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We are excited to announce that the Sunweb Group Partner Connectivity Platform is now live. It has been in progress for the past year, and we’re thrilled to finally share it with you. We are live with our first channel manager Dingus, and our first accommodation partner H-Top Hotels. 

The platform is designed to make it easier to integrate business processes with you, our (new) partners. It makes it more time-efficient to create and manage accommodation contracts, and it has a real-time connection to our partners’ availability and prices. Real-time booking verification reduces the number of overbookings due to incorrect availability statuses, and avoids invoicing problems because of outdated prices. 

Rapid growth

We will continue the Partner Connectivity Platform’s further expansion and add even more channel managers and partners. By the end of 2023 we’re looking at: 

  • 6 new channel managers
  • 1 new property management system
  • over 100 (new & existing) partners connected to the new platform! 

A big shout out to our partners Dingus and H-Top Hotels for starting this Partner Connectivity journey with us.

Want to know more about the possibilities to connect to our new platform? Please reach out to your Contracting Manager or to me, and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you! 

Leonie Teunissen | Partner Connectivity Manager

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform