Off-season activity sales

Suzan Kempkes
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Recently, we did some research into the buying behaviours of our customers when it comes to additional activities or excursions during their holidays. 

Our research showed that customers are open to booking activities from 3 months before their scheduled holiday. In line with our strategy ‘Enriched Holidays’, we are always thinking about the best service for our customers and how to fulfil their needs. And with a lot of competition in activity marketing online, we believe we have to take a step forward.

Therefore, this winter and at selected destinations, Sunweb Group started filling its local excursion webshop with summer activities, so that they were bookable during the off-season. Of course, we couldn’t have done this without our partners, digital guide team, guides, and area managers, who were closely involved with uploading relevant content. 

We are happy to share that we’ve been successfully selling activities for the summer season. Results are exceeding our expectations, as we have made more bookings in pre-sales than in previous seasons as a whole. A wonderful feat!

Taking this a step further, we are now sending out an upsell e-mail with our webshop link to our customers, 48 hours before their holiday starts. We are looking to you, our partners, to build on this by co-creating more initiatives so we can further increase these pre-sales and upload more activities and excursions for our travellers to choose from!

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform