Let me introduce myself: Menzo, Agency Manager

Yf Brodala
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My name is Menzo and I recently started in my new role of Agency Manager, after 2.5 years’ being a product manager. In my new role, I’ll be part of Reinoud Koot’s Sourcing & Partner Management team.

In this challenging new position, I will be focussing on further implementing Sunweb Group’s strategy, and more particularly on:

  • Enriched holidays: aiming to create better holiday experiences by delivering more unique and memorable experiences for our customers
  • Stronger ecosystem: building even stronger partnerships through new and innovative systems and collaborations

To achieve these goals, I certainly need you, our partners and agencies. So,  from now on, I will be your point of contact. I am looking forward to working with you all; feel free to contact me at any time with feedback and ideas!

Talk to you soon, 

Menzo Herwegh

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform