Generative AI offers exciting possibilities

Yf Brodala
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At Sunweb Group, we’re looking forward to a future where technology empowers us to work smarter, with humour and innovation as our constant companions. That is why we recently organised AI Talks, an event centred on generative Artificial Intelligence (AI). This hybrid event took place at our Rotterdam HQ and was livestreamed to our hub-offices in Paris, Copenhagen, Girona, Zurich and Antwerp.

Sunweb Group & AI

Our journey with AI spans several years. We are convinced that generative AI is a game-changer that allows us to automate tasks, generate content, and make data-driven decisions. Offering brand-new opportunities for us and our partners. 

We aim to use this technology as we always do: to enhance human creativity and problem-solving. That is why we welcomed noted AI specialists from companies like Microsoft, Accenture and Q42 to inform and enthuse Sunweb Group staff across our home markets. They showcased some remarkable examples of AI’s boundless potential for our industry and our way of working. 

Our partners & AI

We are keen to learn from the wider community, and discover how and if you, our partners, are implementing artificial intelligence into your operations. Is your organisation embracing generative AI? Do you have any noteworthy experiences or examples you’d like to share? Be sure to reach out to your contacts at Sunweb Group, as we strongly believe that exchanging insights is a catalyst for innovation – something we always strive for!

In the coming months, we’ll continue our exploration of generative AI; always in pursuit of new horizons and fresh discoveries. We look forward to taking this journey with you and hope to draw inspiration from your own AI endeavours.

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform