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Yf Brodala
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Since 2016, Sunweb signs off its communication with the baseline #creatingmemories. But what’s behind those two words? Read all about it here.

The real richness of life is all about moments. Our life is to some extend a sequence of moments. Good moments. And bad moments. But on one thing we can all agree: we all love to seize, embrace and remember as much moments as we can. Because they shape the way we are, who we are and who we hope to be.  Someday. Moments make your life richer.

Traditions and memories connect us as family, friends and loved ones. It’s the little things that stir our emotions, that make us think back to special places and moments. That one scent that takes you back to your first kiss. The sound of breaking waves from that romantic beach that makes you think of that amazing sunset. Think back to your best memories. To the emotions you felt and shared then and to the people you love/love.  That is wealth.

What are your most meaningful memories?

Most likely they aren’t about things but about moments and shared experiences with the people you love. The most memorable moments are often created by ‘wearing flip flops’. Everyone still has vivid memories of family holidays taken place in their early childhood. The memories created during holidays that will be remembered years down the road. In fact, traveling is the only thing in life you can buy that makes you richer. Vacations are all about moments. Time to escape from the daily grind, time to recharge and relax. Time to connect with family and old friends, or to meet new friends for life. To enjoy every moment, those moments that no one takes away from you. Living in the NOW, and getting everything out of it.

At Sunweb we know that it’s the memories that stay with you for the rest of your life. We, that’s us, the people of Sunweb. People who have a family, a mother, a father, a daughter, a son, a friend. People just like you. People with a passion for holidays. That’s why we love what we do: helping you to create memories.

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform