Why TV sponsoring?

Yf Brodala
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We wrote in a previous blog about the success of a well-planned traditional 30-second TV campaign. In addition of that, we also strongly believe in the power of billboarding and TV sponsorships. Research has shown that a billboard TV campaign that links a brand and its message to a station’s programs increases brand awareness by 52% (source DPG Media).

Brand awareness is precisely the objective that we as Sunweb Group have in the Danish and Belgian market. For years we have focused on TV spots on the commercial channels. Jingles, short spots of 10 sec, mid lenght 20 sec and the traditional 30sec: the mix was build on three guiding principles. Enough time to bring the message (1), reach optimization within the budget (2) and room for creativity (3). This has always done the job. But we saw that we were missing something.

Why a partnership with VAR in Belgium?
That something, that could have been the expansion of the target group, another medium, adding a channel in the TV mix or saomething else. A few years ago we already had considered an alliance package with VAR. The moment wasn’t there. So we decided to let it go. Until September 2021. That’s when we first signed up for a partnership.

The reasons behind this are:
The power of één and Canvas
– A higher audience attention thanks to low ad pressure (Source CIM)
4,8% (one) of the total available time between 5-24pm is spent on advertising. That means we can stand out more as a brand. A more premium environment opens up for us.
Access to VRT NU
VRT NU has grown into a platform with enormous potential for advertisers. The commercial possibilities are much broader. Activating spots can also be deployed. Partly for these reasons, it is an enormously popular advertising channel. The alliance package is included and gives extra possibilities on top of the deal

Why a partnership with TV2 and X-factor in Denmark?
TV2 is by far the biggest commercial channel in Denmark and with X-factor they have one of the biggest audience pullers in house. With 15 shows and 3 weeks of trailering that are broadcasted during the entire early booking and mid season sales, this sponsorship gives a unique opportunity to be always-on for 18 weeks. The average viewership is 1,187,526 which immediately indicates the strength of the program.

What about the creation
With a focus on brand awareness, it is important for the creatives to focus on the name ‘Sunweb’ (1) complemented by the elements that explain what Sunweb stands for: vacations (2). Research into the naming of cycling teams (Insites Consulting) shows that the target group knows the name but often cannot say which products the name markets. Our ambition is to make as many Flemish and Danish people as possible familiar with our brand and the travel product we offer. An optimal frequency will ensure memorization that will boost spontaneous brand awareness.

Have a look at our creatives and judge for yourself.

What can this partnership do for you as a National Tourism Board?
We have worked out some nice partnership offers to join us in in this partnership.  Just send an email to yf.brodala@sunwebgroup.com and he will get back to you.

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform