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Yf Brodala
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The most beautiful memories are often created with too little light or without a recognisable holiday location. But these pictures immediately evoke a special memory of that holiday. We will share those recognisable, imperfect and yet so significant images with the Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. We have already received many special memories from customers. These true stories convey a real holiday feeling, demonstrate how unique a holiday can be and how the live further in the imagination.


This ‘beautiful memory’ campaign was launched in december all across different media channels. And there’s one medium that captures the imagination and makes images superfluous: Radio. It is a creative medium and offers endless possibilities when it comes to the perfect commercial, boosting brand awareness or selling products such as holidays. With radio advertising, we can hit our target audience at the right time, because radio is emotion. Live radio is able to reach large masses of people and is dominant throughout the day. On average a person listens to audio for 190 minutes a day and radio is the audio medium with the highest daily reach. In addition, radio has a high call to action, it stimulates physical purchase or online search behavior.


We teamed up with Qmusic in The Netherlands. Qmusic reaches over 2.8 million listeners a week (target group 10+) and they listen for an average of over 3 hours a day and is therefore an ideal partner to translate the campaign into a creative activation.

Summer Memories, the concept

You probably have a summer hit that brings back great memories. That song that was on repeat when you were in the backseat of the car with your brother or sister on the way to France or that song that reminds you of that one sunset on the beach with your vacation sweetheart. Which summer hit do you have the best memories of?

How to participate

With a social post, audioboards, promo spots, tag ons and online banner the listeners were called to share their summer memories on Q’s website. From 24 to 28 January, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. (Friday: 2 p.m.) you have the chance to win a sunny summer vacation. By sharing your ‘summer memory’, the listener has a chance of winning. And yes, the better the story is, the more chance the listener has of winning of course. Will you be called back by Q? Then you can share your summer hit and memory with the other listeners and… the listener will win a summer vacation for 2, offered by Sunweb!


Unfortunately we can’t communicate numbers but we are free to share these facts. Traffic to website: above benchmark | CTR Banners: significantly higher than benchmark | Participants: significantly higher than benchmark | Reach social post: 80.415

Conclusion: The Q listeners really want to break out and enjoy the freedom of traveling again.

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Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform