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Yf Brodala
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With a 30% market share, Radio 2 has been the market leader in Flanders for many years and holds a unique position in Europe. The enduring popularity of Radio 2 is explained by the unique identity of the brand. Radio 2 is a beacon of confidence and helps listeners throughout the day with practical information, relaxing content, up close stories and a wide range of music.


Music and memories

Radio 2 traditionally counted down to the end of the year with the best records of all time. Last year this list was given a new look with twice as many records as the year before. An ideal moment to join the concept and support this list with sympathetic actions that are in line with Radio 2 and the baseline of Sunweb, creating memories. You know it yourself, the memory that a certain song evokes. It takes you back to a certain place, feeling, emotion, smell, … And off course, memories are often associated with vacations.


Travel voucher

As of December 4, more than 10,000 people voted for their all-time favorite record. On Radio 2’s website, voters were encouraged to share not only their choice of record, but also their memories connected to the song, their happy memories. A few weeks later, during the broadcast, every hour a listener was called who had sent in a story. He/She told his/her happy memory. In these difficult and also dark times, we were especially looking for positive stories that bring a smile. The listeners who had sent in their story and were called up then had a chance of winning a travel cheque of 2,000 euros. The winner was announced at the end of the week.


The Top2000 partnership ticked all the boxes for us and was in that respect an exemplary case. The combination between the media objective, an impactful campaign, and the marketing objective, loading the baseline #creatingmemories were fulfilled.

Yf Brodala, media strategist Sunweb Group



Keep communicating and advertising. That is the advice of communication experts we work with. But that is not an easy task. The budget is not only under pressure. It is and remains a search for the right tone of voice. Sunweb Group is an enterprising company that tests, learns and adjusts.


Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

More than ever the ROI is put under a magnifying glass. Creativity has always been a business driver. So, certainly now, in these difficult and uncertain times, we have to dare to opt for brand creativity instead of the (expected) certainties of yet another sales campaign. The partnership with Radio 2 in Flanders is entirely in line with this.


If you would like to set up a creative partnership as a region or hotel group, please contact and we’ll work out a stunning concept together with a media party.

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform