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Exploitant Media Total Budget Name flight Budget Spotlength Index Period Package GRP Audience
TALPA TV {Budget-Media:40} {Flight-Name:164} {Budget:169} {Spottime:141} {Marketindex:140} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} Fixed budget {GRP Fixed:176} 25-59
{Flight-Name:164} {Budget:170} {Spottime:147} {Marketindex:140} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} Prime {GRP Prime:177} 25-59
{Flight-Name:164} {Budget:171} {Spottime:151} {Marketindex:140} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} Non-Prime {GRP None Prime:178} 25-59
STER TV {Budget-Media:181} {Flight-Name:166} {Budget:182} {Spottime:157} {Marketindex:156} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} Your Time {GRP Your Time:180} 25-67
{Flight-Name:166} {Budget:183} {Spottime:161} {Marketindex:156} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} Prime Time {GRP Prime Time:186} 25-67
{Flight-Name:166} {Budget:184} {Spottime:165} {Marketindex:156} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} Day & Night {GRP Day & Night:188} 25-67
RTL TIJDVAK TV {Budget-Media:212} {Flight-Name:191} {Budget:194} {Spottime:196} {Marketindex:192} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} Toptime {GRP Top Time:198} 25-59
{Flight-Name:191} {Budget:200} {Spottime:202} {Marketindex:192} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} Early & late {GRP Early & Late:204} 25-59
{Flight-Name:191} {Budget:206} {Spottime:208} {Marketindex:192} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} All day {GRP All Day:210} 25-59
RTL CONTENT TV {Budget-Media:216} {Flight-Name:217} {Budget:220} {Spottime:222} {Marketindex:218} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} Fixed RTL 4 {GRP Fixed RTL 4:224} 25-59
{Flight-Name:217} {Budget:226} {Spottime:228} {Marketindex:218} {Start-Period:116} – {End-period:117} Fixed RTL 5 {GRP Fixed RTL 5:230} 25-59
Dec invest TV {TOTAL BUDGET:79}