Wout (27) is Homo Universalis and can travel for free with Sunweb for one year.

Yf Brodala
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Since 10 February, Wout Vanroose from Leuven (BE) may call himself Homo Universalis. The 27-year-old IT worker is the winner of the section “Homo Universalis” in the TV Show “Iedereen Beroemd” (Everybody Famous). He beat 99 other candidates and wins a year of free travel with Sunweb.

Homo universalis is a TV game on the Flemish public TV station één, in which 100 candidates compete for the title of ‘Homo universalis’. The game consists of 99 assignments, with each assignment one candidate leaves the game until the final game decides which of the last two candidates deserves the title ‘Homo Universalis’. The winner wins one year of free holidays.

Wout Vanroose proved to have the best memory during the exciting final game in which the two finalists each had to name as many names as possible of the 98 dropouts. This earned him the title of “Homo Universalis”: he wins a Sunweb travel cheque worth 18,000 euros.

According to Wout, having your nerves under control is especially important for winning the “Iedereen Beroemd” race. “That went very easily in the beginning, but towards the end I got more stressed and had more trouble controlling my nerves.” But self-confidence also plays a role in coming out victorious. “I saw myself as the favourite, because of course you have to compete to win.”

Wout does not yet know how he will spend his travel cheque. “In the summer I’m going to Crete with my family anyway. I’m also planning to go skiing, but otherwise I don’t have many plans yet. Because I wasn’t allowed to reveal that I was the winner, I couldn’t make travel plans with friends. That will happen now.

We are confident that 2022 will be a great year for Wout and we wish him a lot of memories.

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