Sunweb Group continues investment in SAF with new Neste partnership

Chris Oskam
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We recently announced a partnership with Neste, the world’s largest producer of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and diesel. We are Neste’s first travel industry partner without its own planes that is taking this important step.

Change in how we compensate CO2

As we announced in the spring, Sunweb Group will no longer compensate CO2 directly, but instead invest in reducing emissions from our products. The funds this generated have allowed us to partner with Neste by purchasing 385,000 litres of SAF over 2022.

SAF is the most sustainable fuel alternative currently on the market, emitting at least 80% less greenhouse gas (GHG) compared to fossil kerosine. The fuel purchased from Neste is produced from 100% sustainably sourced renewable waste and residue raw materials such as used cooking oil.

Additional partnership

This partnership is an addition to the ongoing collaboration between Sunweb Group and Dutch airline Transavia. As you’ll remember, in April 2022, we announced that we would invest a shared sustainability budget in SAF.

“While this initial SAF purchase is as yet small, it is an important step towards making flying more sustainable,” says Chris Oskam, Sunweb Group’s Head of Sustainability.

“SAF is the most effective way of lowering our CO2 footprint. At the moment, less than 0.1% of all aviation fuel used globally is SAF. In order to reduce airplane emissions, we need to raise SAF’s share. With this new investment, we add another 0.5% of SAF to all flights taken by Sunweb Group’s 1 million customers in 2022, and in doing so, we aim to show that sustainability is a responsibility for us all,” concludes Oskam.

A new route for Neste too

“Neste is committed to helping the aviation industry become more sustainable. And working together with innovative and forward-thinking partners who share our ambitions is the key to success. As one of the largest travel organisations in Europe, Sunweb Group is taking on the responsibility to make their offering more sustainable by buying SAF and applying it directly for their customers.”

“This is a first of its kind collaboration, and we hope it will be an inspiring one. The world needs these kinds of pioneers to lead the way towards a more sustainable future,” says Jason Reichow, Vice President Business Development Renewable Aviation at Neste.

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform