Soniq Branding Awards Belgium: and the winner is….

Yf Brodala
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On 24/2, the Sonic Awards were presented during a whirlwind radio show.

The award for SONIC BRANDING honours brands that stand out for their use of sound to define a brand or communicate its core values.

What is sonic branding?
A unique audio identity helps consumers to recognise and better understand a brand at different touchpoints. This can be done through a “sonic logo” but equally through a “soundscape” that forms a recognition base for all auditory communication. It is therefore about sound as a driver for the brand.

Besides Sunweb, Lidl and Luminus were also nominated in the category. Eventually Lidl won the award. Sunweb got just as Luminus a nomination. But we are very happy with the nomination. It feels like an award to us because the radio campaign was produced by the internal agency. A beautiful recognition for the talent of our Spark team.

A warm thank you to the professional jury. But we’ll be back for more!

Sunweb strong radio player

Sunweb has a long radio history. And also now we remain present with an intensive radio campaign. Radio is the Kevin De Bruyne of our media mix. When we set up our (media) team, radio is the first thing we write on the board. Our radio campaigns run throughout Europe and have an effect in all sales countries. (DK, BE and NL)

Join our radio campaign or send us a briefing

As a partner, there are always opportunities to set up a joint advertising radio campaign. Or do you want to create a creative campaign with Spark? Contact and we will work out a tailor-made proposal for you.

Welcome at our partner platform

Welcome at our partner platform