Eliza’s new discovery: the Azores islands

Yf Brodala
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Discover the unique and secluded sites of the newest destination with Eliza was here

Imagine finding yourself in a tropical paradise the moment you set foot in the Azores, the Portuguese island group in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. To answer the continuing demand for new intimate holidays in undiscovered locations,  Eliza was here – a specialist in offering small-scale and unique holiday accommodations far from the crowd – is now offering this destination in collaboration with Transavia. The Azores’ colourful, changeable landscape and historic cities make it the perfect ‘away from the crowd’ holiday for any nature-lover and adventurer. As of today, travellers can book a holiday, including a rental car, to eight of the most beautiful spots in the Azores, such as a serene spa or a traditional estate called a quinta. More unique accommodations will be added in the coming months. The first flight to the island of São Michel will depart on Sunday, 24 April 2022.

The 9 inhabited and 8 uninhabited islands of the Azores – also called the Hawaii of Europe – have an unprecedented beauty and a temperate, pleasant climate. Discover the lush mountains, rugged cliffs and unforgettable views of the Portuguese island group in peace and quiet. Hike along one of the many volcanoes, waterfalls or geysers, or take a breath-taking road trip along the coastline with the rental car that is included with your booking through Eliza was here. Later in the day, you can make your way to one of São Michel’s beautiful historic towns. The authentic old streets are perfect for hours of wandering. In the meantime, you can get to know the local cuisine. The Azores are not yet very touristy, which makes it an ideal holiday destination for adventurers and nature lovers.

Photo credit: Ilha do Corvo, Açores
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